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Safety and security - they’re what you expect when you install an alarm system. But, can you depend on a neighbor or passerby to call the proper authorities when your alarm goes off? By the time a fire is visible, chances are everything in your home or business is destroyed. What about the unseen emergencies, such as carbon monoxide vapor, water damage from broken pipes or loss due to refrigeration failure?

Our monitoring partners make it possible to safeguard your home and business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the most advanced monitoring systems available today. When your alarm is activated, a digital communicator silently contacts our central station and delivers an alarm message to security professionals monitoring your home or business. This feature eliminates errors and prevents delays that can make a difference when every second counts.

We monitor your system through a traditional telephone line or a cable phone line.

Seconds after your alarm signal is received in our central station, a team of highly-trained, experienced operators responds. Using state-of-the-art computer equipment, they identify, verify and report your emergency to appropriate authorities in the shortest possible time. We are always in touch, no matter where you are.

Our operators monitor your home or business from a central station that features the most advanced computer equipment in the industry. Independent backup systems further insure your protection in case of interrupted service, equipment failure or power outage; i.e., cellular/radio backup.

Our commercial customers may select our “openings and closings” feature, which allows them to record the identity of the user and the time the alarm is activated and deactivated. A daily dialer test is also available to ensure that their fire alarm is in good operating condition on a daily basis.

All of our monitoring devices and procedures meet stringent Underwriters Laboratory specifications. Every phone call is recorded, and every incident logged for your further protection.


Burglar, Fire, Smoke Detection

Homeguard Alarm Systems is partnered with world leading manufacturers of security solutions for burglar intrusion detection, fire detection, and smoke detection.

Throughout New Jersey, we have been protecting families and businesses from these threats since 1981. Our clients can be assured that our security systems meet the stringent code requirements of individual towns within the State of New Jersey.


Carbon Monoxide Detection

A carbon monoxide detector, or CO detector, is a device that detects the presence of the toxic gas, carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless and odorless compound produced by incomplete combustion, which is lethal at high levels.

If a high level of CO is detected, the device sounds an alarm.  Our monitoring station responds immediately, giving people in the area a chance to leave the premises.  At high levels, breathing can be fatal within minutes.

When it comes to carbon monoxide detection, failure is not an option.  When lives are at stake, we can provide all the protection our customers demand and deserve.

Legislation mandates that all homes in New Jersey must have Carbon Monoxide Detectors.


Gas Detection

Natural gas is an energy source that is commonly used in homes for cooking, heating, and water heating. It is primarily composed of methane, a highly flammable chemical compound.

Although it only happens rarely, a natural gas leak can sometimes occur inside the home. A natural gas leak can be dangerous because it increases the risk of fire or explosion.


Medical Alert Systems

For those clients with accessibility limitations, Homeguard Medical Alert Systems provide direct contact with our monitoring station, who immediately contacts the proper authorities in the event of a medical emergency.

Homeguard offers a 10% discount on Medical Alert Systems to AARP members.


Temperature Alert Systems

Homeguard Alarm Systems install sensors that detect lower than expected temperature; for example, a heated building whose contents are subject to damage due to below freezing temperature, wet pipe sprinkler systems, etc.


Fire Alarm Inspections

Your fire alarm system may look like it’s fully operational, but you cannot tell if a system is working properly just by looking at it.

Homeguard's alarm system Testing and thorough Annual Inspections of residential and commercial alarms give you the peace of mind that your equipment is operational in case of an emergency.


System Certifications

Many local fire inspectors require a written certification stating that a commercial fire alarm is in good working order. Our experienced team can inspect your system and provide this important certification.


Certificate of Installation

A security system needs to be properly installed by experienced professionals to ensure it will function as needed in case of an emergency.

Most home insurance companies offer discounts to its clients when they have a security system.  A  certificate of installation is often all they need.

Upon alarm installation, Homeguard can provide this certification, for submission to your insurance company.


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance cameras can be a great deterrent to potential thieves burglarizing a home or business, and can also help identify criminals.


Nanny Cams

Nothing is more important than knowing your children are safe and being taken care of, even when you are away from home.

Nanny cams provide a convenient way to know your children, or elderly parents, are getting the treatment they need when you are away.


Home Theater

Learn more about Homeguard Alarm Systems Home Theaters by contacting us today.


Home Automation

Homeguard offers the easiest to use, most economical energy management and home control solutions available.

Now, homeowners can quickly and easily control their HVAC, lights, network cameras, security systems and more via touch screens, PCs, laptops, cell phones - even PDAs.


Pool Alarms

Pool owners, especially those with young children and grandchildren, should always keep in mind the deadly hazards a pool can pose.

About 350 children under 5 years old drown in pools each year nationwide and 2,600 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for near-drowning incidents. Most of the cases involve residential pools.

To prevent this tragedy, many pool owners use pool alarms designed to sound a warning if a child falls into the water and/or exits a door leading to the pool area.

Keep your family protected with Pool Alarms from Homeguard Alarm Systems.


Video Entrance Systems

Video entrance systems allow you to see who is on your door step without opening the door.

Features include crisp color images from monitors in your house, hands-free audio and video monitoring, tilt control of the camera, two-way communication, and door release from the monitoring station.


Wireless Keys

Homeguard Alarm System has optional wireless keys for your alarm system, allowing easy arming and disarming of your security system.


Fire Escape Ladders

Fires can engulf and trap you in a home in a matter of minutes.

You and your loved ones need to be prepared to get out of your residence safely. Fire and Smoke detectors will warn you of the threat, but you also need a safe method to escape a disaster.

If your home or residence does not have an existing fire escape, contact Homeguard Alarms to learn about our line of Fire Escape Ladders.


Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes are a great way to store valuable documents and possessions.

Fireproof safes for the home are ideal for protecting birth certificates, stock certificates, wills, jewelry, or any irreplaceable items.

Fireproof safes for the business are ideal for data backups, customer files, accounting data, employee records, business receipts, and any valuable business document.

Considering the relative inexpensive cost, fireproof safes are a very affordable way to protect valuables in the home or business.


Cellular/Radio Backup Systems

For additional peace of mind, Homeguard Alarm Systems offers cellular and radio backups that contact our monitoring station in the event the phone line has been disabled.


Home Inventory DVD

Having a professional complete a Home Inventory DVD will help protect your home and assets if an emergency strikes.

If you have had upgrades to your home, or have had large purchases, you can better protect these investments by contacting Homeguard and asking about this service.


Commercial Security Gates

Homeguard has a strong alliance with Global Products and Solutions, and offers their commercial security gates to our clients.

Global Products and Solutions has supplied automated gates, gate operators, and related gate products to Utility, Pharmaceutical, and Petroleum Companies, as well as, Government Agencies and Municipalities.

To learn more about Commercial Gates, feel free to contact us or visit Global Security Products


Please feel free to contact Homeguard Alarms Systems for any additional information about our security services for homes and businesses throughout the New Jersey area.

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